Are you a first time smoker of electronic cigarettes? Or have you been vaping for years now? Either way, a good quality electronic cigarette makes all the difference. Determining the best electronic cigarette on the market is impossible because each brand offers their own strengths and weaknesses. We’ve reviewed two different e-cig brands below. One brand of electronic cigarette is tailored for the experienced e-cig smoker, while the other brand aims to be more affordable and targets the newcomers to the e liquid world.
The first electronic cigarette covered is the EverSmoke brand of e-cigs. Let’s start off by saying that EverSmoke is not the cheapest electronic cigarette on the market. If you’re shopping on a really tight budget or you’re new to the vaping world and want to experiment with something cheaper first, then you should try one of the other e-cigs reviewed below. EverSmoke is a brand of electronic cigarette designed for serious smokers who know exactly what they like and what a high-quality vaping experience should feel like. Their starter kits come with a standard battery and an additional, longer battery that has additional capacity. The cartridge is capable of holding the electronic cigarettes and charging them simultaneously.
A USB cigarette is included, which is a fairly new approach to the electronic cigarette that does not require a battery. It’s powered completely by your USB port, which means you can conserve your e-cig battery life while you are sitting down. The standard starter kit comes with a healthy 15 cartridges, each of which lasts as long as 20 – 30 traditional cigarettes. The strength of nicotine and flavor of the cartridges is completely up to you. There are a lot of popular options.

V2 Cigs.
V2 is the next e-cig brand and the last review covered here. Where EverSmoke is designed for the experienced smoker, V2 is designed to be low-cost and long-lasting. Their starter kits are only a fraction of the cost of the competitors. Their smallest starter kits only include the most basic items: charger, cartridge, and battery. This is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with electronic cigarettes without paying hundreds of dollars for a deluxe starter kit. People who have smoked real cigarettes for years will find that the flavors offered in V2 cartridges are extremely familiar and enjoyable. If you like these e-cigs, then you can upgrade to larger starter kits for still-affordable prices.